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  • Lucky Bean Lottery
  • Lucky Bean Lottery
  • Lucky Bean Lottery
  • Lucky Bean Lottery
  • Lucky Bean Lottery

The Vagabond Beans

The Vagabond Beans are a group of crazy creatures always on the bright side of life spreading good vibes. They come on different shapes, colours and genders. But they all are beautiful and perfect they ways they are. They just wat to be friends and have fun. We all should be more like the Vagabond Beans.

Now the best part of it all:
If you want you can take one of them home!
Your Bean will not only remind you of all the important things that matter in life every day, like fun, kindness and to be happy BUT(T) also be a great new friend.

This is a Lottery. So you can purchase a vagabond bean and it will appear in your post. HOWEVER, you can not choose which one though.
This will be a surprise because we love surprises and because we want to highlight how the outside doesn't matter and how true beauty lies within.

Be more vagabond,


The Beans